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We are really excited to announce our keynote speaker Max McKeown at our conference, Putting your employees first, 7th November 2012.

Max challenges conventional thinking, and advocates innovation. He believes failure is part of learning, and reaction as much as planning helps to make organisations successful. As a guru on strategy, author and advisor to some of the most admired companies in the world his message is clear; strategy is only effective when it shapes events in the real world.

As organisations continue to adapt to survive, the old plans won’t help; simply hoping for the best won’t work. Max will tell us as internal communicators how we can help employees embrace complexity and uncertainty.

He’ll also talk about how leaders can inspire people, showing that effort is worthwhile and that things can be better. Overcoming apathy and boredom and restoring purpose to people’s lives is in our grasp. And learn how internal communications can help to free an organisation’s radicals to challenge assumptions.

This conference will open your eyes to a new age of internal communication.

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Back in the beginning of the summer a group of like minded people gathered at CIPR HQ to learn, share knowledge and discuss the pros and cons of the different methods of measuring internal communication.

The measurement summit was a brilliant event, and created great discussion on the day and beyond. But we’re not finished yet.

Now we need you. We challenge all internal communication professionals to give us their views, their experience, and their preferences when it comes to measuring internal communication and most importantly their take on the principles we have drafted.

The eight initial principles to emerge were:

· Set measurable internal communication objectives and make research and measurement part of everyday internal communication activity

· Outputs are not enough, outcomes and behaviour change should also be measured

· Build action planning into any measurement process from the start

· Collaborate with departments across the organisation to determine what needs to be measured

· Link measurement to employee engagement and corporate performance

· Establish real-time, regular reporting

· Use sentiment analysis to find out what is trending internally

· Go beyond basic data to find insights from deep analysis

We know these are not perfect. So,  go on, be brave, speak up and give us your suggestions, comment on this blog post, and tell us on twitterLinkedIn or facebook – we don’t mind what you say, we welcome objective criticism.

The experts who spoke at the measurement summit are re-convening in October to discuss the comments and finalise the principles for CIPR Inside before we announce them at our conference on 7th November 2012.

Exciting times are ahead, an industry standard we can all refer to and be proud to use – be a part of it.

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