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Back in the beginning of the summer a group of like minded people gathered at CIPR HQ to learn, share knowledge and discuss the pros and cons of the different methods of measuring internal communication.

The measurement summit was a brilliant event, and created great discussion on the day and beyond. But we’re not finished yet.

Now we need you. We challenge all internal communication professionals to give us their views, their experience, and their preferences when it comes to measuring internal communication and most importantly their take on the principles we have drafted.

The eight initial principles to emerge were:

· Set measurable internal communication objectives and make research and measurement part of everyday internal communication activity

· Outputs are not enough, outcomes and behaviour change should also be measured

· Build action planning into any measurement process from the start

· Collaborate with departments across the organisation to determine what needs to be measured

· Link measurement to employee engagement and corporate performance

· Establish real-time, regular reporting

· Use sentiment analysis to find out what is trending internally

· Go beyond basic data to find insights from deep analysis

We know these are not perfect. So,  go on, be brave, speak up and give us your suggestions, comment on this blog post, and tell us on twitterLinkedIn or facebook – we don’t mind what you say, we welcome objective criticism.

The experts who spoke at the measurement summit are re-convening in October to discuss the comments and finalise the principles for CIPR Inside before we announce them at our conference on 7th November 2012.

Exciting times are ahead, an industry standard we can all refer to and be proud to use – be a part of it.


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Michael Silverman is the latest speaker to join the group of experts speaking at the CIPR Inside Measurement Summit on 13th June.

Michael has a background in research having worked with Ipsos MORI, and then moving to Unilever as Head of Employee Insight. Now Michael heads his own research business Silverman Research which specialises in applying social media and data visualisation technology to opinion research.

One of his recent projects is the Social Media Garden. Working with Unilever, Silverman Research created this innovative open-access research project to provide insight into the barriers that organisations face in embracing social media practices – and solutions to overcome them.

Social media presents an opportunity for internal communications and research. It provides transparent interaction, collaboration, and an opportunity for authentic discussion. It can give employees a truly uncensored voice. People want to be able to make meaningful contributions to organizational processes, policies and products. Social media tools that allow mass collaboration can do just that.

Michael will discuss social media and employee research at the summit, and we’re looking forward to finding out more.

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How do you show you’re worth it? What are you measuring to demonstrate that your work gets results, makes a difference to the organization you work for, and proves to your boss that they need you?

Measurement is more than a buzz word. Now more than ever we all need to demonstrate that we are effective, our work gets results and that those results have a real and tangible effect on business outcomes.

You can’t just say “I’m worth it”, you need to show it.  So what are you going to use to show the value you, your team and all your internal communications output and expertise brings to the business?


  1. Which outcomes does your business value?
  2. Decide how you are going to measure those outcomes – which metrics and benchmarks?
  3. Which methods are you going to use to measure your communications value?
  4. What does it cost to deliver your service?
  5. How do the results feed back into the service and drive future communication and the organization?

Okay so you may be thinking it all sounds a lot like theory, and what’s happening in practice? What are the professionals already doing, what works and how do I take their experience and make it work for me?

Come along to our Measurement summit and find out (shameless plug).

We’ve brought together a group of expert speakers: Nick Howard from Edleman; David Iannelli from Hill + Knowlton; Angela Sinickas from Sinicom; and more.

Book your place here: CIPR Inside Measurement summit on 13th June.  It starts at 9.30 finishes at 2pm and is amazing value at just £65 for CIPR members or £85 for non-members. Take all that you learn back to the office and it should show you a return in less than a month. And you get a free lunch.

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We all know we should be measuring the value of our internal communications effort. But what do we measure and how?  There are so many variables to choose from. Understanding what is going to work for you and your organisation is critical to your measurement success.

Hearing from the experts, what they do, what they have experienced, and the pitfalls to avoid are a great way to learn more. While you will also be able to find out what will fit with your organisational priorities.

We’ll wrap up with an open session inviting everyone to get involved and have their say in co-creating a gold standard of best practice for Internal Communications measurement.

So book your place for just £65 for CIPR members and £85 for non CIPR members at CIPR Inside Measurement Summit  Demonstrating Value 13th June at CIPR HQ and get the answers you need to make measurement measure up in your organisation.

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Sadly nothing much is new. Still, too many leaders are, at best, ignorant and, at worst, jaundiced about employee engagement. If engagement was all about making people ‘happier’ at work, then the economy would be in a worse position – some people are happy doing nothing, some are happy playing internal politics, others are happy driving their personal objectives above organisational goals. All of the above increase entropy in the enterprise, not engagement.

I believe the saddest thing is the fact that each year organisations like Watson Wyatt, Towers Perrin, Gallup et al report depressing results on the global state of engagement through their various performance indices.

I believe that is a sad indictment of the performance of the very same companies who claim to help organisation’s improve. Are their company stats and reports geared towards new business development? Shocking organisations into signing up for benchmark surveys rather than fixing the problem?

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