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We’ve been busy building a new website for CIPR Inside members and the wider internal communication professional community. www.ciprinside.co.uk. It’s exciting times for CIPR Inside as we  have more events, more collaboration and engagement with professionals in our industry and grow in numbers.

The new site has been scheduled to tie into Putting Employees first in November and #Inside Story, our new Awards programme we  have just launched – enter your ‘winning entry here’.

We’ve added more functions and therefore you should be able to access and share even more useful information on the site. What will make it really successful are contributions and information from professionals like you.

We love to share your news and comment pieces with our members and the wider IC community. So if you’d like to be a contributor please do drop us a line on: ciprinside@gmail.com There are also places you can upload case studies and reports, access webinars, add yourself as a freelancer or find a freelancer, and much more.

We plan to add some more functions in the coming weeks and months as well. And if there’s something you think we should have on the site that isn’t there please tell us and we’ll try to work it into the site.

We will redirect this site to the new one very soon, and the new site will take its place for all our communications.


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Back in June we held our Measurement Summit, with experts from the industry sharing their views, insights and practices on measuring internal communication. Together we started to create a set of measurement principles that could be adopted across the internal communication profession.

We are now ready to finalise the principles we developed together. And we need your help and input.

We’ve got a short questionnaire to make it quick and easy for you to tell us your views.

Think about how you show the value of your internal communication. What measures and methods do you use to demonstrate that your work has delivered the objectives and made a difference to your organisation?

And give us just a couple of minutes to answer our survey and make your views a part of the principles.

The Measurement Summit presenters are reconvening in October and will look at the draft principles and the feedback from professionals like you before deciding on the final set of principles which will be announced at the CIPR Inside Conference on 7th November.

Measurement Principles survey

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We’re really pleased to announce our two more gurus who will be joining us and Jane Edbrooke from Nuffield Health, and will share their experience and knowledge at Ask the Guru, Mission Impossible: engaging a remote workforce on Tuesday 18th September, after work, in a bar, in London.

And they are:

Richard Howat, Internal Communications Business Partner, Network Rail.

Richard Howat is an ex-editor in the dead trees press, he was recruited to help centralise corporate communications for the company’s 36000 people who work in hundreds of locations across Britain; experience which came in handy when he was then involved in decentralising and devolving communications some years later.

His only pretension to gurudom is that he has made most of the mistakes out there – and will openly admit to at least some.

Richard also really enjoys the challenges of pithy plain talking frontline comms – and in encouraging leaders to find the voice and skills to talk authentically with their people.

Richard Jordan, Director, Barclays Investment Bank

To connect with a globally dispersed workforce Richard Jordan uses everything from a fully personalised intranet through which he can deliver automatically segmented messaging, to global videoconference facilities. Richard will talk about the decisions he’s made in developing that infrastructure and the strategy that underpins those decisions, including where they didn’t work out and what he’s doing next. Richard will also talk about managing social media in one of the most regulated industries in the world.

So come along to The Well, at Clerkenwell, London from 6.30pm on Tuesday 18th September to meet all three of our Gurus and get some great insights into reaching your audiences, no matter where they are.

Book your place today to learn from the Gurus

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With ever changing workplaces and global teams, truly engaging your workforce when they are in different offices, different sites and different countries can be a real challenge. Add different languages and cultures to the mix and getting your message heard, understood and acted upon is a real achievement.

Our next Ask the Guru event on Tuesday 18th September 6.30pm til 8.30pm gives you the opportunity to hear from three internal communicators who face this challenge on a daily basis. Come along to discover creative ways to engage a remote workforce and ask specific questions about the challenges you face.

Our three gurus are all internal communication specialists who work in-house. Each has a unique experience engaging their remote workforce.

The first of our Gurus is Jane Edbrooke, Internal Communications Manager, at Nuffield Health who has worked in communications for seven years, first in public affairs and community engagement in local government and then in stakeholder management, transition and digital communications for NHS London. Jane specialises in the creation of internal and external digital channels, and is excited about the blurred lines between internal and external communications as social media grows.  She sees staff as any organisation’s biggest asset in terms of brand and reputation.

Our other two Gurus for September’s event will take the limelight in our next article coming soon.

Book your place to find out more and put your questions to the Gurus on Tuesday 18th September, The Well, Clerkenwell, London

And if you are working on your CPD attending this event gives you 5 points

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We are really excited to announce our keynote speaker Max McKeown at our conference, Putting your employees first, 7th November 2012.

Max challenges conventional thinking, and advocates innovation. He believes failure is part of learning, and reaction as much as planning helps to make organisations successful. As a guru on strategy, author and advisor to some of the most admired companies in the world his message is clear; strategy is only effective when it shapes events in the real world.

As organisations continue to adapt to survive, the old plans won’t help; simply hoping for the best won’t work. Max will tell us as internal communicators how we can help employees embrace complexity and uncertainty.

He’ll also talk about how leaders can inspire people, showing that effort is worthwhile and that things can be better. Overcoming apathy and boredom and restoring purpose to people’s lives is in our grasp. And learn how internal communications can help to free an organisation’s radicals to challenge assumptions.

This conference will open your eyes to a new age of internal communication.

Book your place here

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If you accept that truism, it’s costing the UK a fortune. In 2010 PricewaterhouseCoopers, revealed that an average of 10.4% of staff resigned from their job, costing the UK £42bn a year. A further 24% would like to leave if they could.

Fortunately, Hollywood has the answer.

In its latest blockbuster, Horrible Bosses, staff don’t leave their bosses, they kill them. Quitting is not an option, so, with the benefit of a few-too-many drinks and some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con, the three friends devise a convoluted and seemingly foolproof plan to rid themselves of their respective employers…permanently.

So partly for fun, and partly to inspire, tell us some short stories from your experience that highlight the best and worst about UK management. A killer punchline is not required.

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“engagement is a journey” is often said in enterprise (often when the results of the engagement campaign aren’t being realised quick enough). Prince William’s fiancee Kate Middleton may agree with this expression following her recent engagement, but HRH may concur more with the chorus he heard blasting out across the Fylde coast as he watched Blackpool beat Wolves 2-1 at Bloomfield Road. If engagment is a journey then (to the tune of The Beach Boys Slop John B) “this is the best trip I’ve ever been on”

But move over Prince Willie, bring on King Ollie, that’s him in the dressing room with my youngest son at the last game of the season last yea. Reading a recent post by PR Academy on Blackpool manager Ian Holloway’s media skills, I was inspired to unpack his leadership skills.

Ollie has great vision and belief, and he inspires others to believe in his vision and, more importantly, believe in themselves. He had a vision to take a Championship team to the Premier League, a vision he achieved this season with Blackpool. His only “failure” was he done it a year earlier than he had dreamed.

Ollie has integrity, his actions and words match his values. Hard work, honesty, loyalty and passion. He goes further – he puts the gritty in integrity.

Olle is a challenger brand. He stands up for the little people. Challenging the Premier League, the FA, the media, exposing all that is unauthentic and uncompelling in the not so beautiful game.

Ollie has ambition with a healthy injection of modesty, declaring in his autobiography

“I’ve not got the track record of Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho – at the moment – even if I am better looking than both of them”

He is engaging and charismatic He’s proved that engagement doesnt have to be such a long journey, more of a day trip that makes you feel like you “don’t wanna go home”

At least that’s how me and my son feel every Saturday!

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