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Hear from these experts about what they do to create truly brilliant events:

Steph Macleod

Steph MacLeod, Director, Kaizo has extensive experience across business-to-business and consumer PR. Steph specialises in developing creative integrated campaigns that deliver real business value and sales, as well as column inches and online buzz. Clients have ranged from Apple, Epson, HP and Samsung through to Flip Video, Getty Images, P&G and Tiger Beer. Before joining Kaizo, Steph held a number of board level positions at top multi-national PR agencies.

Her mixed portfolio has led to the development of a wide range of specialist skills spanning social media engagement, audience segmentation, event and sponsorship management and of course, good old fashioned media relations.

Simon Hughes, Managing Partner MCHA Ltd, has recently launched a business consultancy that works in the events sector. This follows 10 years as Director of Live Events at COI, where he worked on a number of high profile events for a diverse range of Government Departments and Agencies. These included events such as the G20 London Summit, the London NYE celebrations,

Simon Hughes

conferences and road shows around the U.K., as well as major public engagement sessions including all the historic Cabinet meetings held outside London. He is passionate about getting the end-to-end production process right for live events. He believes that bringing people together to share ideas, learning and experience remains one of the most powerful communication tools available today. He was voted the most influential person in the UK event industry in the 2009 Event Magazine Top 100 poll and received a career in the industry award from the IVCA in 2011. He is currently the Chair of Eventia, the trade association for the events industry.

owners to connect with their audiences in live and virtual environments. An experienced facilitator himself, Chris is a pioneer in developing and applying technological innovations that enhance communication around the meeting space.

Chris Elmitt is Managing Director of audience engagement specialist Crystal Interactive, a company that helps meeting owners to connect with their audiences in live and virtual environments.  An experienced facilitator himself, Chris is a pioneer in developing and applying technological innovations that enhance communication around the meeting space.

Chris Elmitt


Our next Ask the Guru event is next week. Book your place now to find out how to create and manage brilliantly successful events using an integrated approach.

Tuesday 17th July, 6.30pm until approximately 8.30pm

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Events large and small have to work hard to earn their success among their attendees and those who commission them.

We’re really pleased to have such a great group of gurus to come and share their experience and insights in creating events which will wow.

They are:

  • Chris Elmitt, Managing Director, Crystal Interactive, Chris will explain and take questions on how to integrate technology into your events, whether to increase efficiency or to add a “wow”.. or both. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/chris-elmitt/5/842/443

Each will give you a mini presentation, then it’s over to us to ask questions and learn what we can from them in an open floor discussion.

So come along to The Merchant of Bishopsgate Restaurante after work and learn some tricks on how you can make your events more integrated and successful.

Your first drink is on us and we’ll provide the nibbles to keep you energised.

Spurred on by colleagues who have developed the Barcelona Principles for PR measurement, internal communication specialists have now started work on their own guidelines for measurement. At a specialist CIPR Inside half day summit on 13 June a range of industry experts from Edelman, Hill and Knowlton Strategies, The Engage Group, Ibis Communication, Sinickas Communication, Silverman Research and Über Engagement and more than 50 practitioners debated the rights and wrongs of ROI and how best to show the value of internal communication.

The team from Creative Connection captured key points from the presentations.

Eight key initial principles to emerge were:

· Set measurable internal communication objectives and make research and measurement part of everyday internal communication activity

· Outputs are not enough, outcomes and behaviour change should also be measured

· Build action planning into any measurement process from the start

· Collaborate with departments across the organisation to determine what needs to be measured

· Link measurement to employee engagement and corporate performance

· Establish real-time, regular reporting

· Use sentiment analysis to find out what is trending internally

· Go beyond basic data to find insights from deep analysis

CIPR Inside is now seeking further comments from practitioners over the summer before publishing the final principles for the industry in the autumn at the CIPR Inside annual conference. Take part in the debate here, on twitter @ciprinside or on LinkedIn.

One of the summit speakers, Michael Silverman has just shared his finished report on social media at work with us – and you can see it here  Social Media Garden


By Kevin Ruck

Michael Silverman is the latest speaker to join the group of experts speaking at the CIPR Inside Measurement Summit on 13th June.

Michael has a background in research having worked with Ipsos MORI, and then moving to Unilever as Head of Employee Insight. Now Michael heads his own research business Silverman Research which specialises in applying social media and data visualisation technology to opinion research.

One of his recent projects is the Social Media Garden. Working with Unilever, Silverman Research created this innovative open-access research project to provide insight into the barriers that organisations face in embracing social media practices – and solutions to overcome them.

Social media presents an opportunity for internal communications and research. It provides transparent interaction, collaboration, and an opportunity for authentic discussion. It can give employees a truly uncensored voice. People want to be able to make meaningful contributions to organizational processes, policies and products. Social media tools that allow mass collaboration can do just that.

Michael will discuss social media and employee research at the summit, and we’re looking forward to finding out more.

Ask the Guru was a great success on Tuesday 29th May. The attendees put the gurus through their paces and the outcome was a lively discussion and some great advice for everyone.  Here are a few of the highlights from the evening:

  • The benefit of a ‘social’ work place is that you can see the grapevine, feed it information and interact with it.
  • Social media is a real opportunity to build trust in the organisation, harness it and allow it to grow.
  • Social media is the evolution of internal communications, taking internal communications to the next level with real interaction and engagement. It’s not the death of internal communications.
  • We all need to understand the times we live and work in. Dishing out mars bars and token rewards doesn’t work in downtimes, you need to work with employees and fully engage them to work through the tough times together.
  • Create leaders not just managers – people who can innovate, inspire and engage with employees and communicate. Give managers the skills to be leaders and enhance their natural abilities.
  • Take leaders back to the floor with inverted mentoring to give them a better understanding the shop floor. Let them see for themselves what the challenges are and what opportunities for change there may be, and let employees see the leaders involved and listening.
  • Leaders are the latest hot topic and replace the intranet as a key subject. We need to harness leadership skills and help leaders develop, communicate and engage.

Anything we missed? Add your comments and feedback here.

‘Ask the Guru’ was a great success. Thanks to Jenni Wheller, Dana Leeson and Tom Crawford for their expert knowledge and advice.

And here’s a re-blog from Jenni which provides some of her answers to the questions put to the panel.


Yesterday I attended a session hosted by CIPRInside called Ask the Guru. An event aimed at new people in internal comms and providing them a few hours to ask a panel of three gurus anything they liked.

I was very privileged to be one of the gurus, alongside Dana Leeson and Tom Crawford.

We were joined by about 20 communicators, some who had submitted answers before and others than had real challenges in the workplace. In the spirit of sharing, here are a list of the questions we were asked and my answers to them:


1. How do you define where internal communications sits in relation to other departments? HR or Comms, or other?

This was something we discussed at the event and there were lots of views about whether HR, Marketing or even the CIO was appropriate. We are still at a crossroads in terms of where…

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For years the communications industry has grappled with ways to measure its worth. Measuring success in communications is about so much more than numbers.

But we thought we’d give a few:

They don’t mean a lot on their own…

Need some more ?

  • Cost £65 or £85
  • Takes 4.5 hours, lasts for life
They still don’t mean a lot do they?
Come along to CIPR Inside Measurement summit on 13 June – where it’s not just about the numbers, it’s the engagement, the collaboration and quality that makes the difference and gets results.

Find out how you can measure your internal communications and show your organisation that it really has hit the mark, delivered the objectives and made a difference. Where else can you learn so much, from so many experienced professionals for such a small price?

Take all that you learn back to the office and it should show you a return in less than a month. And you get a free lunch.