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It’s election time at CIPR, and Jenni Field, past chair and current committee secretary is standing for council.She took time out to find out how the presidential candidates view internal communication. Over to Jenni:


Last week I approached the three candidates standing as President Elect to find out a bit more about what they think of internal comms. All three replied instantly so here are the answers from Emma Leech, Gary Taylor and Sarah Hall:

1. What do you think the role of internal comms is inside organisations  today?

Emma: Internal communications plays a critical role within organisations. We work in ever more competitive and rapidly changing environments and ensuring we attract and retain the best talent, unlock potential and ideas, and differentiate on excellent and authentic customer service are obvious wins. Less obvious is the tremendous impact that loyalty, engagement, great change management and advocacy can have across the organisation and – very pragmatically – on the bottom line.

I’m also a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communications and as someone who has worked in the field and now manages…

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Spurred on by colleagues who have developed the Barcelona Principles for PR measurement, internal communication specialists have now started work on their own guidelines for measurement. At a specialist CIPR Inside half day summit on 13 June a range of industry experts from Edelman, Hill and Knowlton Strategies, The Engage Group, Ibis Communication, Sinickas Communication, Silverman Research and Über Engagement and more than 50 practitioners debated the rights and wrongs of ROI and how best to show the value of internal communication.

The team from Creative Connection captured key points from the presentations.

Eight key initial principles to emerge were:

· Set measurable internal communication objectives and make research and measurement part of everyday internal communication activity

· Outputs are not enough, outcomes and behaviour change should also be measured

· Build action planning into any measurement process from the start

· Collaborate with departments across the organisation to determine what needs to be measured

· Link measurement to employee engagement and corporate performance

· Establish real-time, regular reporting

· Use sentiment analysis to find out what is trending internally

· Go beyond basic data to find insights from deep analysis

CIPR Inside is now seeking further comments from practitioners over the summer before publishing the final principles for the industry in the autumn at the CIPR Inside annual conference. Take part in the debate here, on twitter @ciprinside or on LinkedIn.

One of the summit speakers, Michael Silverman has just shared his finished report on social media at work with us – and you can see it here  Social Media Garden


By Kevin Ruck

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‘Ask the Guru’ was a great success. Thanks to Jenni Wheller, Dana Leeson and Tom Crawford for their expert knowledge and advice.

And here’s a re-blog from Jenni which provides some of her answers to the questions put to the panel.


Yesterday I attended a session hosted by CIPRInside called Ask the Guru. An event aimed at new people in internal comms and providing them a few hours to ask a panel of three gurus anything they liked.

I was very privileged to be one of the gurus, alongside Dana Leeson and Tom Crawford.

We were joined by about 20 communicators, some who had submitted answers before and others than had real challenges in the workplace. In the spirit of sharing, here are a list of the questions we were asked and my answers to them:


1. How do you define where internal communications sits in relation to other departments? HR or Comms, or other?

This was something we discussed at the event and there were lots of views about whether HR, Marketing or even the CIO was appropriate. We are still at a crossroads in terms of where…

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F-2-F? on-line? print?

I never obsess too much about the media, as I think the message and the audience are the primary concern and the most appropriate medium follows. But channels are not mutually exclusive – they all work better as an integrated package.

But what’s your preference?

Prefer on-line?
We held our first webinar yesterday debating “on-line versus print” It was well received. You can view it here http://t.co/RpzA2Ltn You can continue the discussion here http://linkd.in/tQyIvw Thanks to PRAcademy

Prefer print? You can view the chat transcript here Print v On-line IC Webinar Nov 2011 Chat Transcript Thanks to all who took part, especially ex-BBC Gurus Euan Semple & Andrew Harvey and Chair Phil Turner

Prefer F-2-F? Our annual conference on 5th October was a huge success. We produced a printed newspaper to accompany the event, which you can download here Turbulent Times Thanks to InterMedia


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Our first Inside webinar is booked for 9 November at 1pm.
Check your diaries now and add in an hour to attend. The gurus online answering and taking your questions will be Euan Semple (independent social media expert) and Andrew Harvey (editor), both ex-BBC who’ll be considering the rise and rise of online channels and what the roles for print in internal communications will likely be moving forwards.

Places are limited – book your place here .

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Sometimes our profession takes itself a little too seriously.
Communicating in tough times, raising professional standards, improving skills, influencing leaders, blah-blah-blah.
If providing clarity amongst the ambiguity is our key objective, can we sometimes be part of the problem not the solution? How often does IC spread the corporate BS?
I think a core quality of any IC pro is a good sense of humour, so we’ve added a bit of humour to our Annual Conference next Thursday. (there’s still places available)
The back page of our beautifully crafted conference newsletter gives conference participants the chance to win a star prize by spotting the BS expression the speakers will inevitably use throughout the day – from “Critical Point of Infexion” to “Employee Value Proposition (EVP)” the bovine excrement will be flowing. Hope to see you there for a little respite.



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If you accept that truism, it’s costing the UK a fortune. In 2010 PricewaterhouseCoopers, revealed that an average of 10.4% of staff resigned from their job, costing the UK £42bn a year. A further 24% would like to leave if they could.

Fortunately, Hollywood has the answer.

In its latest blockbuster, Horrible Bosses, staff don’t leave their bosses, they kill them. Quitting is not an option, so, with the benefit of a few-too-many drinks and some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con, the three friends devise a convoluted and seemingly foolproof plan to rid themselves of their respective employers…permanently.

So partly for fun, and partly to inspire, tell us some short stories from your experience that highlight the best and worst about UK management. A killer punchline is not required.

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