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Sometimes our profession takes itself a little too seriously.
Communicating in tough times, raising professional standards, improving skills, influencing leaders, blah-blah-blah.
If providing clarity amongst the ambiguity is our key objective, can we sometimes be part of the problem not the solution? How often does IC spread the corporate BS?
I think a core quality of any IC pro is a good sense of humour, so we’ve added a bit of humour to our Annual Conference next Thursday. (there’s still places available)
The back page of our beautifully crafted conference newsletter gives conference participants the chance to win a star prize by spotting the BS expression the speakers will inevitably use throughout the day – from “Critical Point of Infexion” to “Employee Value Proposition (EVP)” the bovine excrement will be flowing. Hope to see you there for a little respite.




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Interesting to see two notable Apple features in the news this week.

Millward Brown publish their BrandZ “Most Valuable Brands 2011” showing Apple brand valued at $153bn (almost half it’s MarketCap) knocking Google off the No1 position for the first time.

Fortune publish an article giving an extraordinary picture of life within Apple, in which Steve Jobs keeps a “top 100” coterie who are told key decisions ahead of time and bawls out entire teams for failures.

It’s the latter that is of most interest to me.

The Fortune article indicates that Apple is driven by Jobs’s personality: “the creative process at Apple is one of constantly preparing someone – be it one’s boss, boss’s boss, or oneself – for a presentation to Jobs,” writes Adam Lashinsky, who calls him “a corporate dictator who makes every critical decision”

The article is presently only available as a paid download via the Fortune app on Apple’s iTunes Store, or as an Amazon “single” costing 69 pence.

Insights include:-

The “Jobs culture” extends through the company; everyone is meant to know what Jobs would think, so that they can do it without reference

Jobs wants to institutionalise his way of running and driving the business, and to that end has created an “Apple university” which codifies how Apple is run into a curriculum that can be taught to Apple employees.

Every employee is to be issued with a WWJD (What Would Jobs Do) wristband

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The Employee Engagement Debate held on the ides of March is now available in 3 chapters as downloadable podcasts.
Enjoy them here:

Chapter 1 30 mins
download Chapter 1

Chapter 2 18 mins
Download Chapter 2

Chapter 3 12 mins
Download Chapter 3

If you like the sound of it, why not particpipate in round 2 on 5 May? at The Wellcome Collection

Feel free to use them to promote discussion around employee engagement under rules of creative commons please accredit to CIPR Inside and EventExtra

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If you weren’t one of the lucky 80 participants in the Engagement Debate on 15th March, have a look at this short video which gives you a flavour of the discussion. The good news is you can join in for an extended debate at our next big event on 5th May. FULL DETAILS HERE. It promises to be an event with a difference giving you the flexibility of time and budget, come and join in the subjects you are interested in.

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